fredag 28 maj 2010

The twenty-eight Day of May in the Year of our Lord 2010

When the sky turns into a steely gray
and you can no longer separate night from day.
Big drops fall from the sky,
and time seemes not at all to be passing by.

I can draw a sigh of relief-
a relief of course connected to the Beast.

For on theese lead gray days
the Beast retires to it´s cave,
to sleep there most of the day.

A thought still haunts my head on theese
dark gray days,a question that seems-
Of what does the Beast dream?

O Pray! What dreams swirls around in it´s head!
Of the spider making it´s web?Of foxes that are dead?

Of sunny days or starry nights,
of magpies big as kites?

Dreams that are not for You and Me
but only for thee-
O horrid Beast! Theese dreams are for you alone to feast!

Suddently a gentle stirr,
a movement of the whiskers-a tremble of the fur.
It looks at me eyes half closed,smiling,most content.
Yawns,and is back to dreamland sent.

söndag 16 maj 2010

The Sixteenth Day of May in the Year of our Lord 2010

´T is a peculiar thing,
when the birds in May starts to sing.
The Beast who keeps my heart locked
in constant fear-
on a new enemy his anger starts to bear.

Yes,It begins a behaviour so unheard of before-
it turns it´s anger at the front door.
A Door that never mattered before.

It pleads with the Door "Please let me Out"-
The Door silent and stout.

It bangs on the Door with all of it´s might-
It is not a fair fight.

It leaps at the Door,claws sliceing the air-
The Door deaf and unfair.

It purrs and gently caresses the Door,
"If you let me Out I will love you for evermore"-
The Door as unwielding as before.

Like a spurned Lover it hisses and bite-
The Door still shut tight.

It screams and howls with all of it´s might-
The Door cold and dark as night.

So t´is a peculiar thing,
when the birds in May starts to sing.
The Beasts attention turns to the Door-
A Door that never seemed to matter before...............