måndag 12 mars 2012

The Twelfth Day of March in the Year of our Lord 2012

As I lie in my hospital bed,to surgery soon be led.
Far from the Beasts watchfull eye,
I can in relief sigh.
As my head rests on pillows soft and clean,
and the Beast with it´s absence sheen.

But then a shadow!
Just outside my gaze,
an all to familiar presence ready to put
me in my place.

A furry presence that me taunts,
making me see what it wants.

All is clear!
We are ready to go,
here comes the doctor with the nurses
in tow.
And a question my mind rubs.
Was that a furry tail I just saw
under the scrubs?

Then a flash!
The doctor handling the anaesthesia
looks awfully a lot like a Siamese-ia!

Making me dream things that are not there,
like that nurse fixing her hair.
With a tongue sharp and pink,
putting every strand in place in a blink.

What are these cruel jokes,
my mind is playing me.
Oh no,this can not be!
A sharp claw where the scalpel should be,
and two yellow eyes staring down at me........

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