tisdag 21 juni 2011

The Twenty-first Day of June in the Year of our Lord 2011

In a hurried frenzy it darts across the room,
behind it can hear the Beast zoom.
Right and left,left and right.
Try as it might,
it never gets out of the Beast´s sight.

It bounce´s against the window,
again and again.
The desperation of a fly
knowing it´s about to die.
Flashes of white and blue
are coming for you.

Where are you going,
why try to hide.
You will never from the Beast´s attention slide.
Unable to for itself fend,
it´s about to meet the end.

On the balcony it makes a last attempt
to get away.
But the Beast is there ready to slay.
The breath, the cry of a thousand souls,
over it´s tongue rolls.

And then there is only the mighty paw-
The last thing it ever saw..........