måndag 4 juni 2012

The Third Day of June in the Year of our Lord 2012

In the gasping light of my candle,
I´m writing down these thoughts
that are becoming more than I can handle.

A gaping hole,stretching from my soul
to my mind.
Where now nothing resides
and only darkness you will find.

The Beast dug it out using terror and fear,
the seeds of madness it planted there.
Tearing the fabrics of my mind
with sharpened claw.
Mauling the essence of my very soul
with frantic jaw.

O Beast,who makes my life torment!
Are thou from Hell sent?
Or are you,perhaps,a traveler
from a dimension far from our reach.
Here to the art of mayhem teach! 

As my candle lets out a last desperate sigh,
my rooms now in darkness lie.
Darkness,who before used to scare me so much.
Now doesn´t bother me as such.

For no succubi,ghost or ghoul
that the dark may hail,
will ever be able to penetrate 
this dark veil- caressing my soul,
making my doom it´s final goal.

When all goodness away has flown,
and evil has made my body it´s home,
and I have become the object of fear!
Who innocent souls are longing to tear.

A question in my head starts to stir.
If I could stop this. 
If I could!
I wonder,I wonder,if I would.......?