måndag 16 april 2012


T´is the story of Ted,

who went out of his head.

While the script to a new play he read.

It was a play full of magic and wonders,

of music and choreographed dance numbers.

And of course larks to amuse,

but one of the characters his mind started abuse.

Gaston worked his magic in manipulating his host.

Why,poor Ted even started putting antlers on toast!

But all is not dark-T´is light!

Ted´s head was already full of demons,

ready to put up a fight!

The battle raged on for hours,for days.

Until they all realised-Hey,there´s plenty of space!

So now they all laugh and sing,

day and night long.

Gaston even taught them his song.

And Ted?

He lies wide awake in his bed.

Slowly succumbing to the madness within,

as the demons sing.

And the crows outside his window starts to caw-

No one warps you mind like Gaston.......

fredag 6 april 2012

Happy Easter

from Your favourite Beaster!!