fredag 29 oktober 2010

The Twenty-ninth Day of October in the Year of our Lord 2010

T´was the end of October and I was running thru the night.
The rain was crashing down and I was far away from home,
wet to the bone.

The Beast was after me,I could hear it´s howl.
Following me thru the streets-
Hungry for my soul.

I ran down an alley,I ran thru a park,
in the distance I could hear dogs bark.
Joining the Beast in the hunt for it´s mark.
Tonight I was the mouse hiding in the dark.

I duck´d round a corner,
praying all would be well.
Only to be greeted by two eyes
burning with the ambers of Hell-
A fire no rainstorm could ever quell.

Another foul Beast!
Escaped from the dark corners of the night,
and poor me,too tired to put up a fight.

While the Beasts companion stares at me
with victorious content,
I can hear the Beast closing in on me.
From Hades sent.

Behind me now!
The stink of it´s fishy breath on my neck.
The Ghosts of sardines and mackerel tangles in my hair-
sticky and cold.
I feel my knees starting to fold.

And all I can do is scream.
In my Halloween dream...............

måndag 11 oktober 2010

The Eleventh Day of October in the Year of our Lord 2010

Star in heaven shining bright,
showering the Beast with your light.
Your image reflecting in it´s eyes.
Two pools of deceiving forever light,
for beneath them eternal darkness lies.

Darkness velvet as the night sky you call your home-
Darkness as slick as oil

Star in heaven shining bright,
illuminating the world with your light.
Diamond clear and razor sharp,
your light cuts mercyless thru the dark.

Where Beasts live and shadow rejoys-
Where you can find lost childhood toys.

Star in heaven shining bright,
caressing the night with your light.
You fall on man and Beast alike,
guiding us safely thru the night.

A night otherwise black as cole-
Only appreciated by the common mole..