fredag 14 oktober 2016

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fredag 7 oktober 2016

The Seventh Day of October in the Year of our Lord 2016

With a scowl and a hiss,
It lets me know that something is amiss.
It lets out a desperate howl,
and I can hear it´s insides growl.

For It is hungry and a master prowler,
making all nearby souls in the shadows cower.

Things It likes to eat?
Creatures with tiny feet!
Ant, beatle and ladybug,
It swallows them all in one big chug.

For It loves to masticate,
creepy crawlies with legs of eight.
But, alas, spidy doesn´t do much to the Beasts unending apetite sate,
It always returns home - it is It´s fate.

It´s favorite, an absolut treat,
is better than all the bug meat.
The reason It home ran,
is the gushy food that comes out of a can.

When It has eaten, It´s belly comfortably round,
It´s humors are more benevolent and sound.
With a purr It lazily stretches on It´s back,
daring me, to see if I the courage lack. 

I am brave, I have no fear,
so I reach down to scratch It´s ear.
Quickly, from nowhere, a clawed paw
scrathing my tender flesh,raw!

For the Beast is the fiercest hunter you ever saw.