torsdag 30 december 2010

As the snow is falling and bright lights are decorating our trees
and the old year is rapidly fading away.
A familiar creature briefly sticks it´s head
out of the cave it made out of my beadspread.
Beacuse no matter if your year has been Hell or Heaven,
The Beast wants to wish You a Happy 2011!!!

torsdag 16 december 2010

The Sixteenth Day of December in the Year of our Lord 2010

Now when we have entered the darkest time of the year,
a time it seems of endless night.
A time when the snow is glistening in the moonlight.
I take solace in the fact that the Beast
spends most of it´s time asleep-lost in slumber deep.

It curls up on the pillow in my bed,
and snoozes the day away.
Motionless from head to tail.

For hours and hours it lies there,
sleeping on my pillow-content.
And I start to feel a peace spread-from heaven sent.

But then when the bell eleven tolls,
it opens it´s eyes and of my pillow rolls.
Out into the night it goes.
No doubt ready to kill,
in order to it´s belly fill.

I can at last go to bed.
But as I lay my head on the pillow to get some sleep,
I realize that tonight it is not dreams that i will reap
in gentle sleep.

For what is that smell,
that is oozing from the pillow underneath my head?

A smell that makes flowers fade
and bees fall down dead.
A smell that Hades himself would dread.
A smell that I above all else fear.

The horrid smell of the Beasts derriere...........

fredag 29 oktober 2010

The Twenty-ninth Day of October in the Year of our Lord 2010

T´was the end of October and I was running thru the night.
The rain was crashing down and I was far away from home,
wet to the bone.

The Beast was after me,I could hear it´s howl.
Following me thru the streets-
Hungry for my soul.

I ran down an alley,I ran thru a park,
in the distance I could hear dogs bark.
Joining the Beast in the hunt for it´s mark.
Tonight I was the mouse hiding in the dark.

I duck´d round a corner,
praying all would be well.
Only to be greeted by two eyes
burning with the ambers of Hell-
A fire no rainstorm could ever quell.

Another foul Beast!
Escaped from the dark corners of the night,
and poor me,too tired to put up a fight.

While the Beasts companion stares at me
with victorious content,
I can hear the Beast closing in on me.
From Hades sent.

Behind me now!
The stink of it´s fishy breath on my neck.
The Ghosts of sardines and mackerel tangles in my hair-
sticky and cold.
I feel my knees starting to fold.

And all I can do is scream.
In my Halloween dream...............

måndag 11 oktober 2010

The Eleventh Day of October in the Year of our Lord 2010

Star in heaven shining bright,
showering the Beast with your light.
Your image reflecting in it´s eyes.
Two pools of deceiving forever light,
for beneath them eternal darkness lies.

Darkness velvet as the night sky you call your home-
Darkness as slick as oil

Star in heaven shining bright,
illuminating the world with your light.
Diamond clear and razor sharp,
your light cuts mercyless thru the dark.

Where Beasts live and shadow rejoys-
Where you can find lost childhood toys.

Star in heaven shining bright,
caressing the night with your light.
You fall on man and Beast alike,
guiding us safely thru the night.

A night otherwise black as cole-
Only appreciated by the common mole..

onsdag 15 september 2010

The Fifteenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord 2010

I woke to another gray day,
full of mist and rain.
The windows with water stain,
and my body in pain.

Outside the mist was swirling
silently thru the trees.
Leaving everything it touched in
a damp freeze.

And there,behold,from the dancing mist!
A phantom starts to form,
a creature from despair and darkness
It´s very being vibrating with scorn.

It sits on top of the bookcase,peering down at me.
I wonder,In it´s minds eye what does it see?
Does it even bother to acknowledge me?
Or am I just a shadow in the outskirts of it´s life-
a mere trifle.

Suddenly in a burst of energy,
it leaps from the bookcase and races thru the room.
Sending everything in it´s way to it´s doom.

So it continues until noon,
sprinting thru kitchen and living room.
Then as suddenly as it started,it stops.
It hurls itself onto the carpet with a chilling scream,
and then lies quietly, as if it´s mad rampage has never been.

It lies there staring at me for a while,
it´s eyes oozing with bile.
Then turns and enters it´s cave,
never to be seen for the rest of the day.

In the cave it made out of my bedspread,
it rests it´s wicked head.
Surely thinking of ways to
make me a little more dead.

onsdag 1 september 2010

The First Day of September in the Year of our Lord 2010
Colder winds and nature dressed in colours bright,
means autumn has arrived with fair lady September
walking in front of the line.
And all that can be heard of the Beast
is a low growl coming from deep inside it´s mine.

While she´s painting the world in colours lush-
It lies sulking on a pillow made of plush..
Longing for the days of summer,
thinking that autumn is such a bummer.

Remembering when innocent June stroke it´s fur
with sunshine warm and bright.
Caressing it with her light.

Beautiful July with flowers in her hair.
Making the air ripe the yummy smells
of roses,grass and fish-Theese are the smells it´s gonna miss.

Finally August always laughing and full of fun.
Making it easy chasing magpies and squirrels on the run.

But now those days are gone.
All that are left are the distant songs of what once was.
Like the lawn now by September covered in soft moss.

måndag 16 augusti 2010

Salamander Jones

Salamander Jones had a pocket full of bones.
Where other people kept they´re phones,
Salamander kept his bones.

The bones he kept were from animals
great and small.
Who had met they´re maker thru car,
predator or maybe a nasty fall.
He would pick the bones up
and take them home-home to his other
friends who were all made of bone.

You see,Salamander had a gift.
So extraordinary you would´nt think it to exist.
With just a touch of his finger,
the owners of the bones would no longer
in Deaths Kingdom linger.
They would come to life all shiny and white.
This was Salamanders might.

Today he found the bones of a bird
scattered under a tree.
Quickly he picked up all the bones he could see-
The temptation was to great,he could not let them be.

At home he started to mend his new skeletal friend.
He worked quickly without a word,
and then as always it would happen-happen to the bird.

It lifted it´s wing and started to sing.
Born again,it was the most peculiar thing!

But such is the life of Salamander Jones.
Salamander Jones and his lovely bones.

måndag 9 augusti 2010

The Ninth Day of August in the Year of our Lord 2010
Every night when I go to bed,to rest my weary head,
on the pillows in my bed.
I hope of dreams of wonder and of adventures that was.
But instead it´s the nightmare that finds me- it always does.

´Cause when I get in my bed to get some sleep,
The Beast gets out of his to the night greet.
Immediately it starts spreading it´s terror,
it never misses a beat.

In the darkness it stretches and yawns,and then-
light footsteps on the floor.
Drawing closer to the bed,
visions of what it´s gonna do to me pop up in my head.
Visions of razor teeth and sharpen´d claw.
These are the images of terror it likes to sow.
It keeps haunting me,
O why,why can´t it let me be!

Then silence enters the room
and I can feel the imminent doom.
The footsteps have stopped.
It has reached the bed.
Soon it will be in it,
and I can feel I to fear have submit.

"If you don´t get up and feed me"
It vows "Im gonna start nibbling on your toes"

Must we go thru this every night!
Why does it persist in putting me in such a fright.
Staring into it´s eyes where the fires of madness burn hot and deep,
I find myself starting to weep.

"Relax" It purrs in my ear.
"For it is not me that you should fear."
I cry,O what other horrors could be hiding in the night.
That could be worse than this fourlegged furry fright!

It jumps of my legs and lays itself to rest,not on the pillow,
but on my head,
And I find myself thinking, My God it wants me dead!

Then it starts purring me the Tale of Salamander Jones.
Salamander Jones and his lovely bones.

måndag 21 juni 2010

The Twenty-first Day of June in the Year of our Lord 2010
On Midsummers eve the Beast ventures deep into the forest alone.
Beckoned by a sirensong
it finds it´s way - it can´t go wrong

There deep in the forest together with goblin,elf and faerie,
it celebrates all night long.
The beauty and wonder that summer makes life become.

The Beast invites to a merry jig,
upon the leaves of ivy,birch and fig.
And so they carry on feasting all night long-
Dancing to Pans happy song.

söndag 13 juni 2010

The Thirteenth Day of June in the Year of our Lord 2010

Hell Luna,Light of the night!
You who inspires madness bravery and fright
in Beast and man alike.
When twilight turns into night
you are the jewel that shines in the
heavens bright.

The Beast sits in the window-
eyes fix´d at your face.
Mesmerized by your beauty it can do nothing but gaze.

Known thru the ages as Artemis, Anatis
and Cerridwen.
It is you wh ohave inspired poets to pick up they´re pen.
And musicans to write sonnets to thee-
Dreams spun on your beams are the most magical to see.

Slowly the Beast gives up a howl-a gentle song.
A serenade that will never fade.

Staring at the sky,
your sister stars reflecting in it´s eyes-
or is it just a disguise?
Is it the stories you whisper that are dancing in it´s eyes?

fredag 28 maj 2010

The twenty-eight Day of May in the Year of our Lord 2010

When the sky turns into a steely gray
and you can no longer separate night from day.
Big drops fall from the sky,
and time seemes not at all to be passing by.

I can draw a sigh of relief-
a relief of course connected to the Beast.

For on theese lead gray days
the Beast retires to it´s cave,
to sleep there most of the day.

A thought still haunts my head on theese
dark gray days,a question that seems-
Of what does the Beast dream?

O Pray! What dreams swirls around in it´s head!
Of the spider making it´s web?Of foxes that are dead?

Of sunny days or starry nights,
of magpies big as kites?

Dreams that are not for You and Me
but only for thee-
O horrid Beast! Theese dreams are for you alone to feast!

Suddently a gentle stirr,
a movement of the whiskers-a tremble of the fur.
It looks at me eyes half closed,smiling,most content.
Yawns,and is back to dreamland sent.

söndag 16 maj 2010

The Sixteenth Day of May in the Year of our Lord 2010

´T is a peculiar thing,
when the birds in May starts to sing.
The Beast who keeps my heart locked
in constant fear-
on a new enemy his anger starts to bear.

Yes,It begins a behaviour so unheard of before-
it turns it´s anger at the front door.
A Door that never mattered before.

It pleads with the Door "Please let me Out"-
The Door silent and stout.

It bangs on the Door with all of it´s might-
It is not a fair fight.

It leaps at the Door,claws sliceing the air-
The Door deaf and unfair.

It purrs and gently caresses the Door,
"If you let me Out I will love you for evermore"-
The Door as unwielding as before.

Like a spurned Lover it hisses and bite-
The Door still shut tight.

It screams and howls with all of it´s might-
The Door cold and dark as night.

So t´is a peculiar thing,
when the birds in May starts to sing.
The Beasts attention turns to the Door-
A Door that never seemed to matter before...............

torsdag 22 april 2010

The twenty-second Day of April in the Year of our Lord 2010

´T was a night in April fair,that I was in for a terrible scare,
Yes the bells of April were drawing midnight near-
when I met my fear.

During the light sunny hours
of that day,when fear seemed so far away.
I in the laundryroom was cleaning and scrubbing
my clothes-
to later put them in neatly folds.

Clothes that had been washed
and thoroughly rinsed under
the faucet,were now to be laid to rest in
the closet.

But when I opened the closet door-
I was to encounter something never seen

A beast that had been sleeping snuggly
under a sweater-
was now at it´s tether.

It´s eyes two torches of blazing light-
It´s teeth glistening in the moonlight.
Blaming me for disturbing it´s sleep-
coming right at me,
I feel screaming into a heap.

On that night in April fair-
my clean clothes scattered in the air.
A thought in my head did dwell as I fell-
Yes, a thought thru my head did tear,
"How the hell did he get in there?!"

As I lay on the cold hard floor,the Beast sitting
on my chest,it snickered at me
and then went to find
another place to rest.

I got up from the floor,
heart pounding in chest,and nerves in a
fright,I went to bed
eight minutes to midnight.

On that night in April fair,the smell of
clean clothes wafting thru the air.

tisdag 20 april 2010

The Twentieth Day of April in the Year of our Lord 2010

I woke to the screeching,O that terrible sound.
That chilled my bones and made my blood run cold.

To stay in the comforting fold of my bed?
I wished that images of happiness would once again come back into my head.

But the Beast would not relent,on and on it went.
Such howling,such fury can not be from heaven sent!

To get up to see the reason for the sound?
That unearthly song that had made my blood run cold
and the covers over my head hold.
I trembled with fear as I thought of the reason of that song
and on the Beast to who it would belong.

Yellow eyes and a tail to go along,it was sitting on the floor
humming drumming it´s terrible song-
beckoning me to sing along.

"No such Horror I can not abide"
I thought as I turned on my side.
If the Beast goes wanting it may stop it´s haunting.
It will slip into the shadow from once it came
never to bother me again.

Lo and behold! The Beast did just that.It scurried away from
where it just sat.Taking with it it´s yellow bright eyes tail
and horrible song........ morning crept along