fredag 22 april 2011

The Twenty-second Day of April in the Year of our Lord 2011

In the Beasts many attempts to madness in my heart set,
nothing has been so effective as it´s latest-nothing quite so wet.....

Looking unbelieveable smug
it goes straight to the bag where dirty
clothes and towels hug,
and gives it a good tug.

The clothes out on the floor spill,
obeying to the Beasts tinyest will.

It places itself on top of the pile,
to do a deed most vile!
O Horror! O Shock!
What was once in it´s bowel,
is now spread all over my towel!

It doesn´t stop there,
it seems to be capable of doing it anywhere.
It pees in the corner,it pees on the rug.
What is next,my coffee mug?

O prey tell!
What to do with a creature
intent on poluting my apartment
with the wet smells of Hell-lock it in a box?
Or instead of the box simply wear rubber socks??

It assures me that it doesn´t do it to be mean,
it´s just a matter of hygiene.
"If you just had cleaned my box,
I wouldn´t have had to violate your socks....."

lördag 2 april 2011

The Second Day of April in the Year of our Lord 2011

The snow is melting
and the flies are starting to wake.
`Tis the time of year the Beast my life a
hell starts to make.

By unexpectedly letting out shrieks
of sheer joy.
It got my heartstrings tangled up
like a cheap cat toy.

Beacuse now when spring is here
it can once again find the enery to
keep me in fear.
O´What gruesome plans are lurking
behind those big ears!

Is this the year It will finally do me in?
Is this the year the madness
within will finally win?

Those are the questions that terrorise
me at night.
Questions that only gets worse
in the crisp spring light........