söndag 13 juni 2010

The Thirteenth Day of June in the Year of our Lord 2010

Hell Luna,Light of the night!
You who inspires madness bravery and fright
in Beast and man alike.
When twilight turns into night
you are the jewel that shines in the
heavens bright.

The Beast sits in the window-
eyes fix´d at your face.
Mesmerized by your beauty it can do nothing but gaze.

Known thru the ages as Artemis, Anatis
and Cerridwen.
It is you wh ohave inspired poets to pick up they´re pen.
And musicans to write sonnets to thee-
Dreams spun on your beams are the most magical to see.

Slowly the Beast gives up a howl-a gentle song.
A serenade that will never fade.

Staring at the sky,
your sister stars reflecting in it´s eyes-
or is it just a disguise?
Is it the stories you whisper that are dancing in it´s eyes?

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