fredag 29 oktober 2010

The Twenty-ninth Day of October in the Year of our Lord 2010

T´was the end of October and I was running thru the night.
The rain was crashing down and I was far away from home,
wet to the bone.

The Beast was after me,I could hear it´s howl.
Following me thru the streets-
Hungry for my soul.

I ran down an alley,I ran thru a park,
in the distance I could hear dogs bark.
Joining the Beast in the hunt for it´s mark.
Tonight I was the mouse hiding in the dark.

I duck´d round a corner,
praying all would be well.
Only to be greeted by two eyes
burning with the ambers of Hell-
A fire no rainstorm could ever quell.

Another foul Beast!
Escaped from the dark corners of the night,
and poor me,too tired to put up a fight.

While the Beasts companion stares at me
with victorious content,
I can hear the Beast closing in on me.
From Hades sent.

Behind me now!
The stink of it´s fishy breath on my neck.
The Ghosts of sardines and mackerel tangles in my hair-
sticky and cold.
I feel my knees starting to fold.

And all I can do is scream.
In my Halloween dream...............

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