fredag 22 april 2011

The Twenty-second Day of April in the Year of our Lord 2011

In the Beasts many attempts to madness in my heart set,
nothing has been so effective as it´s latest-nothing quite so wet.....

Looking unbelieveable smug
it goes straight to the bag where dirty
clothes and towels hug,
and gives it a good tug.

The clothes out on the floor spill,
obeying to the Beasts tinyest will.

It places itself on top of the pile,
to do a deed most vile!
O Horror! O Shock!
What was once in it´s bowel,
is now spread all over my towel!

It doesn´t stop there,
it seems to be capable of doing it anywhere.
It pees in the corner,it pees on the rug.
What is next,my coffee mug?

O prey tell!
What to do with a creature
intent on poluting my apartment
with the wet smells of Hell-lock it in a box?
Or instead of the box simply wear rubber socks??

It assures me that it doesn´t do it to be mean,
it´s just a matter of hygiene.
"If you just had cleaned my box,
I wouldn´t have had to violate your socks....."

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