måndag 11 mars 2013

The Eleventh Day of March in the Year of our Lord 2013

It sits in the window staring at the tree,
watching the birds-tasty treats to be.
No doubt wishing it could partake in the magic outside,
staring-it´s eyes open wide.

Parading back and forth on the window sill,
wishing the window gone by pure will.
Oh, the mayhem it could cause out there!
As the object not only I, but tiny birds would fear.

Sneaking up on the unsuspected squirrel,
from it´s branch the Beast it would hurl!
Oh, what a fine meal it would make,
then to continue the feast on the friends that came to it´s wake.

Sucking worms straight out of the ground,
a never ending treasure chest it has found!
Sitting there staring, on the window sill.
These are the thought that the Beast´s mind thrill.

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