onsdag 31 juli 2013

The Thirty-first Day of July in the Year of our Lord 2013

Far away in the darkness there´s a Nebula that some say will purr,
It´s inhabitants watches over little Beasts clad in fur.
Here on this earth the Beast is watching the sky,
it´s sitting quiet-wondering why.

Then for a friend awfully dear,
it sings a lament for all to hear.
It rings out over hill and moor,
into the ears of rich and poor.
Reaching far into the Heavens where it will forever soar.

Taking hold in the soul of those who hear,
a sorrow to deep for one little beast to bear.
It makes a home in the hearts of big and small,
a bottomless shadow some it will call.

The Nebula lovingly looks down on our Beast,
promising that one day they will once more together feast.
On the souls of the creatures big and small,
one day it will break through that forever wall.

At night it sits staring up at the moon,
longing for the day they will meet again.
One day,but not too soon.

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