tisdag 20 april 2010

The Twentieth Day of April in the Year of our Lord 2010

I woke to the screeching,O that terrible sound.
That chilled my bones and made my blood run cold.

To stay in the comforting fold of my bed?
I wished that images of happiness would once again come back into my head.

But the Beast would not relent,on and on it went.
Such howling,such fury can not be from heaven sent!

To get up to see the reason for the sound?
That unearthly song that had made my blood run cold
and the covers over my head hold.
I trembled with fear as I thought of the reason of that song
and on the Beast to who it would belong.

Yellow eyes and a tail to go along,it was sitting on the floor
humming drumming it´s terrible song-
beckoning me to sing along.

"No such Horror I can not abide"
I thought as I turned on my side.
If the Beast goes wanting it may stop it´s haunting.
It will slip into the shadow from once it came
never to bother me again.

Lo and behold! The Beast did just that.It scurried away from
where it just sat.Taking with it it´s yellow bright eyes tail
and horrible song........ morning crept along

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