torsdag 22 april 2010

The twenty-second Day of April in the Year of our Lord 2010

´T was a night in April fair,that I was in for a terrible scare,
Yes the bells of April were drawing midnight near-
when I met my fear.

During the light sunny hours
of that day,when fear seemed so far away.
I in the laundryroom was cleaning and scrubbing
my clothes-
to later put them in neatly folds.

Clothes that had been washed
and thoroughly rinsed under
the faucet,were now to be laid to rest in
the closet.

But when I opened the closet door-
I was to encounter something never seen

A beast that had been sleeping snuggly
under a sweater-
was now at it´s tether.

It´s eyes two torches of blazing light-
It´s teeth glistening in the moonlight.
Blaming me for disturbing it´s sleep-
coming right at me,
I feel screaming into a heap.

On that night in April fair-
my clean clothes scattered in the air.
A thought in my head did dwell as I fell-
Yes, a thought thru my head did tear,
"How the hell did he get in there?!"

As I lay on the cold hard floor,the Beast sitting
on my chest,it snickered at me
and then went to find
another place to rest.

I got up from the floor,
heart pounding in chest,and nerves in a
fright,I went to bed
eight minutes to midnight.

On that night in April fair,the smell of
clean clothes wafting thru the air.

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