onsdag 4 maj 2011

The Fourth Day of May in the Year of our Lord 2011

Into the woods
Into the night.
Filled with destruction
and fright.

Into the woods
Into the night
It sits watching you.
To stray from the path,
to take that chance.
It sits waiting,ready to dance.

Transparent knives,
slashing thru the air.
Rotting vines and leafs,
reaching,getting tangled in my hair.

As I walk thru the darkness,
I can feel their eyes on me.
Strange creatures,
the world no longer can see.

And there,finally,stop!

By a murky lake it lies,
watching, just watching the dragonflies.
A swarm of wings and reflecting light,
in soothing mesmerizing flight.

We sit by the lake,
man and Beast.
My soul it forever has seized.

While twigs and vines slither inside,
taking what they can find.
And to my heart in loneliness
forever bind.

In the woods
In the night
I am the sight,
of foreverlasting night.

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