måndag 16 augusti 2010

Salamander Jones

Salamander Jones had a pocket full of bones.
Where other people kept they´re phones,
Salamander kept his bones.

The bones he kept were from animals
great and small.
Who had met they´re maker thru car,
predator or maybe a nasty fall.
He would pick the bones up
and take them home-home to his other
friends who were all made of bone.

You see,Salamander had a gift.
So extraordinary you would´nt think it to exist.
With just a touch of his finger,
the owners of the bones would no longer
in Deaths Kingdom linger.
They would come to life all shiny and white.
This was Salamanders might.

Today he found the bones of a bird
scattered under a tree.
Quickly he picked up all the bones he could see-
The temptation was to great,he could not let them be.

At home he started to mend his new skeletal friend.
He worked quickly without a word,
and then as always it would happen-happen to the bird.

It lifted it´s wing and started to sing.
Born again,it was the most peculiar thing!

But such is the life of Salamander Jones.
Salamander Jones and his lovely bones.

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