onsdag 1 september 2010

The First Day of September in the Year of our Lord 2010
Colder winds and nature dressed in colours bright,
means autumn has arrived with fair lady September
walking in front of the line.
And all that can be heard of the Beast
is a low growl coming from deep inside it´s mine.

While she´s painting the world in colours lush-
It lies sulking on a pillow made of plush..
Longing for the days of summer,
thinking that autumn is such a bummer.

Remembering when innocent June stroke it´s fur
with sunshine warm and bright.
Caressing it with her light.

Beautiful July with flowers in her hair.
Making the air ripe the yummy smells
of roses,grass and fish-Theese are the smells it´s gonna miss.

Finally August always laughing and full of fun.
Making it easy chasing magpies and squirrels on the run.

But now those days are gone.
All that are left are the distant songs of what once was.
Like the lawn now by September covered in soft moss.

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